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In our experience, the following postal services are infrequently required for shipments.

of mailing
Mailer obtains proof of shipment
Certified Mailer obtains proof
of shipment and receipt
Express Overnight delivery
Insurance Protection against loss in transit;
tracking number for US shipments.
Priority Speedier delivery with the US
& many destinations abroad
Registered Post Office uses security measures throughout the shipment & keeps a detailed record of handling

If you want any of these services to apply to your shipment, simply instruct us to that effect, and your wishes will be respected. If you do not explicitly mention these services, you are in effect instructing us not to use them.

Please remit enough funds to fully cover such requests with your payment. (Failure to do this would delay your order.) If you are unsure of the charges involved, please check with the United States Postal Service for the current rates. https://www.usps.com has hyperlinks to current domestic and international rates in HTML format for your convenience. We will be glad to give you a firm quote once the extent and destination of your order is clear. It is our strict policy not to make a profit on postal services, UPS, or other delivery services.

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