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More generally, see Germany postcards.

"17308  Gabelbach, Gabelbachhäus'chen" color postcard on pebbled stock, undivided back, unused, lightly toned area on back. $5.00

"Abreise S. Kgl. Hoheit des Grossherzogs FRIEDRICH II. von BADEN" showing the Grand Duke Frederick II leaving the Grand Hotel in Metz France, unused postcard with fresh appearance. $9.50 r(b)f(m)b

"ALTES SCHOSS: GALLERIE  BADEN-BADEN  VIEUX CHATEAU: GALERIE" showing a scenic overlook from an interior corner, unused post card with undivided back & paper browning with age, from P. Faller, violet handstamp of the Chateau (where it was sold as a souvenir), album adherences on back, minor wear at one corner. A beautiful card with pastel-like colors. $9.50 b

"A. M. A. BADEN 4 July 1911" real photo postcard showing a large group of men & women with American flags, mailed to a doctor in Berlin, stamp removed, minor corner wear & rounding. Presumably the American Medical Association. $20.00 bm(p)

Artist_Issel_AusDerBaar-100.jpg (162908 bytes) "Aus der Baar. / Gegend von Donaueschingen. / ... / Johannes Eichlepp's Hofkunstverlag, Freiburg i. Br." showing 2 standing women in traditional costume; black & white on undivided back Post-Karte with paper starting to brown evenly with age, trimmed slightly at right edge (furthest from art, where grayish background shows extent). Hard to find! Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 abc

Stengel_Baden-Baden-200_small.JPG Baden post card available from Judnick.com"Baden-Baden / Springbrunnen in der / Lichtentaler Alee" black-and-white postcard with red caption, published by Stengel, mailed there 10.7.14 to Texas, small corner crease at top not into image, other corner wear is minor. $4.50 sb

images/Artist_Gotzinger_Baden-200_small.jpg Baden postcards available from Judnick.com
"Baden -- Kra...hütte" signed art showing an outdoor dining scene, writing on back dates to 1944 and passes through some of the lettering in the caption's second word, writing in the front borders, mild wear & bends to the corners. $4.00

"BADENWEILER.  KAISERSTRASSE" including a few signs at the right which could be deciphered by the local historian, sepia-tone Postkarte from Paul Müller booklet, very late usage at Grantville Kansas, one upper corner with multiple creases & wear. $2.50 b

Baden_Volkstrachten._Costumes_small.jpg (3840 bytes)

"Badische Volkstrachten I5 Kinzigthäler aus Schapbach" showing a variety of costumes there, post card with undivided back, corner wear & rounding, toned back. $4.25

"Badische Volkstrachten II5  Renchthäler aus Oedsbach, Amt Oberkirch" postcard mailed 1906 to the United States where it was forwarded. one badly creased & scraped corner, other edge wear, as is. $2.00

         Breweriana_BernheimerAndSchwarz1-200small.jpg Baden photographs available from Judnick.com  Breweriana_BernheimerAndSchwarz2-200small.jpg Baden photographs available from LotsOfPhotos.com
Two original approximately 10" x 7-1/4 inch sepia-tone photographs of their Suddeutsche Automobil Fabrik (Gaggenau, Baden, 1905 - 1910) delivery truck taken by F. S. Harmer February 8 1912 (violet handstamp on back of one). Manhattanville is a neighborhood of Manhattan, bordered on the east by Harlem. Both images are slightly imperfectly rectangular with a lot of crackling in the surface finish. When we searched the Internet we could find no images & no paper memorabilia for this brewery, just text mentions in court documents & books. We are told that a new brewery may  be starting in their old location -- in which case we have a suggestion for how they might decorate their office walls! Both for $75.00 total. abbn(m)

"DJ3BW" Salem QSL continental post card used 1957. small corner crease & other corner wear. $1.50

Baden_Freiburg_Fischerau_small.jpg (3593 bytes)

"Freiburg i. Baden. Fischerau" black & white postcard, circa 1906, unused, minor wear along one edge. $5.50 b

Baden_GrossherzogFriedrich_Jubilee_small.jpg (2861 bytes)

"...Grossherzog Friedrich von Baden / (50 Jähriges Regierungs-Jubiläum." missing parens in caption, showing him standing in a uniform with several medals, post card mailed 1902 at Karlsruhe (clear cancels), small corner crease. $9.00 (br)

"GRUSS aus MANNHEIM // Kaufhaus  Paradeplatz" in Baden-Württemberg; Postkarte mailed 18.4.99 to Herrn Will Bresges in Düsseldorf, stamp removal thins the back, minor corner wear, long internal crease from bottom edge blends well with the design. $3.50 gb

"Gruss aus Schwetzingeen  Schloss" showing the castle & its grounds, postcard mailed there 1902, 2 small corner creases, minor edge wear. $5.00

"Güntersthal b. Freiburg i. Br." color post card with undivided back, mailed there 1903 to Illinois, corner wear & rounding, toned back, couple cancel ink spots in sky. $3.75

"HEILIGKREUTZ / HALL 5070" real photo postcard from Stoekhammer, writing on front dates to 1925. $3.50

"Hotel-Restaurant St. Johann (beim Münster) / Konstanz am Bodensee" real photo post card with good contrast, writing on back. $2.75

"Mannheim. Blick vom Wasserturm nach der Augustaanlage  965" real photo postcard mailed there 1934 (railroad slogan cancel), corner crease, edge wear, writing on front erased, as is. $2.25

"Mannheim / Marktplatz" showing a crowded marketplace, sepia-tone Postkarte with red caption & undivided back, mailed there 24.7.05 to Mr. Frederick Kampfe in Bloomingdale New Jersey (clear cancel & arrival marking). $4.50 b

"Meersburg" unused real photo post card from O. Vahle in Hagnau. $4.00

Baden_SchlossEberstein_Moonlight_small.jpg (3137 bytes)
"Schloss Eberstein bei Mondschein" monochromatic dark green, published by Edm. von König, postcard mailed at Baden-Baden in 1898, corner crease, small partial cancel on front from cards being stacked at post office. $9.00 (bm)

"Schoss Heilingenberg / und Freundschaftshöhle." black & white signed art dated 1901, post card with undivided back, unused, lightly toned back. $4.50

  Cover_Baden_Registered_small.jpg (2915 bytes)  See also our Baden postal history.

"SIRNITZ BEI BADENWEILER (991 m  ü. M.)." sepia-tone postcard with very late usage in the United States, one uneven edge (from booklet separation). $3.25

"Solbad Sulz. Partie a. Neckar" showing a large pond with swans, real photo post card mailed there 1939, small corner crease & other corner wear. $4.00

Two uncaptioned real photo postcards showing the 'Graf Zeppelin' overflying the city of Baden-Baden  (now in Baden-Württemberg). Focus is sharp enough in each instance so that the name of the airship can be read on its hull, near the tailfins. On the left: the tall building we see is unmistakably the Stiftskirche. On the right: the land of Brenner's Park along the small river Oos. Each back in violet down the dividing line reads 'Photographie G. Lampe, Baden-Baden, Ludwig Wilhelm Pl. 5', whose known photography was local & mostly portraiture; the latest date we could find for him was 1935. This airship flew 1928 - 1937. The considerable oxidation of the Postkarte at the left is indicative of an early flight; the lack of oxidation on the right indicates one of the later flights. Both for $25.00 total. bb NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

"WIRO" color from Künstler-Serie Wiro Konstanz No. 2398A., unused postcard with minor wear at 2 corners. $3.25

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COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS / Baham adaları / Багамы /
Bahami /  Բահամյան Կղզիներ / バハマ / Бахами / Bagamalar

"Aaaah! / The Bahamas" with a topless & shapely lady kneeling in the wet beach sand, as seen from the side in vertical format; continental postcard in excellent condition. $1.50 b*

"BATHING BEACH - NASSAU, BAHAMAS  Photo by Sands" unused Azo (triangles both ways) real photo post card, oxidation suggests circa-1925 age, minor corner wear, small light spot of toning in the upper border, very light toning on back. Hard to find! $8.00 b

Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas" an animated scene, postcard published by W. R. Saunders & I. O. Sands photographers (their number 49), a few small spots of toning on back, tiny upper corner bend, trivial wear at 2 other corners. $6.00 bfp

Bahamas_BritishColonial-200_small.jpg"British Colonial Hotel", Nassau, Bahamas  8B-H90" showing the streetside portion, unused linen postcard circa 1948, soft corners, paper yellowed a bit with age. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 b

"C6AFN / Bahamas" continental QSL multiview (3 scenes with broad-lipped Bahamian Conch shells) QSL postcard used 1990. Images are attributed to photographer John Penrod. $2.00 bsp

"Changing of the Guard at Government House  Photo: Larry Win" showing the Royal Bahamas Police Band playing on a sunny day, unused Dexter Press continental postcard, scalloped edges as issued, 1964 copyright, excellent condition. $1.25 blm

Clear MAR 4 1953 NASSAU machine cancel ties 4-c sea garden stamp franking a chrome post card to Mr. & Mrs. O. Zaplital in New York City, round corners as issued, view side shows a delicately tinted hibiscus flower. $2.00 b-b

Clear NOV 12 1953 NASSAU machine cancel ties 4-c sea garden stamp franking chrome postcard to Mr. & Mrs. W. Zaplital in New York City, captioned "THE ROYAL VICTORIA HOTEL" its shows an exterior with many guests, trivial edge wear. $2.00 b-b

"EVIL SPIRITS  A CONSIGNMENT OF BOOZE  -  NASSAU, BAHAMAS" unused Azo (triangles both ways) real photo postcard, wear at the bottom front center edge, slight oxidation suggests circa-1925 age. We have seen speculation that this was whiskey, but a much better guess would be cheap Caribbean rum destined for Florida speakeasies during the Prohibition era. $15.00 ba

Bahamas_FortCharlotteNassau-200_small.jpg Bahamas postcard scan available from Judnick.com"Fort Charlotte, Nassau, Bahamas B20" linen post card mailed 1956 to Ohio, hint of cancel ink on front. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 b


"Fort Fincastle, Nassau, Bahamas" an aerial view on unused linen postcard, circa 1956, tiny corner crease. Built by Lord Dunmore in 1794.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 bh

"Grantstown, Nassau, Bahamas" post card published by W. R. Saunders & I. O. Sands photographers (their number 16), noticeable toning at one upper corner, a few very light spots toning on back. Definitely not on most tourist itineraries, Grantstown is often seen with the more modern spelling of Grants Town. $6.00 bm

Bahamas_GreetingsFromNassau-100.jpg (381492 bytes)"Greetings from Nassau" showing the Nassau Yacht Haven, unused Plastichrome® post card, fresh with good edges. Exceptionally attractive shot of this marina. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 bs(b)

ShipOwner_PeninsularAndOccidental_Martinique.jpg (158317 bytes) Bahamian post card scan available from Judnick.com"HAVANA  NASSAU  PORT TAMPA  MIAMI  KEY WEST / P. & O. S. S. Co's Steamship MARTINIQUE" black-and-white, mailed 1905 at Seabreeze Florida, corner crease, corner wear, much writing on front. Not to be confused with the Martinique that was registered in 1920 to the Peninsular & Occidental Line. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 s(u)s(o)cbf(f)

Bahamas_KingsInnAndGolf-100.jpg (369629 bytes)"KING'S / INN & / GOLF CLUB / On the Island Where / the Action is!" chrome multiview post card featuring pool scene, musicians & dancers; slight yellowing of the paper with age, faint small corner crease. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 bs(g)

"KY0T/C64" shortwave (7 MHZ) QSL card used 1987 by John Stamps, good edges. $1.25 b

"Main Street, Grantstown, Nassau, Bahamas" post card published by W. R. Saunders & I. O. Sands photographers (their number 3), very light toning on back. Definitely not on most tourist itineraries, Grantstown is often seen with the more modern spelling of Grants Town. $6.00 bm

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Bahamas_LongBuildingExterior-200_small.jpg Bahamian post card scan available from LotsOfCards.com"'NASSAU IN THE BAHAMAS' / The Montagu Beach Hotel..." including their beach, unused chrome postcard, scalloped edges as issued. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 b

"Native Backery(sic), Nassau, Bahamas" post card published by W. R. Saunders & I. O. Sands photographers (their number 36), very light spotty toning on back, tiny upper corner crease. $6.00 bfp

"NO4J / C6A" Treasure Cay (Abaco Islands) shortwave (18 MHz) QSL card used 1990 by operator Dave Mains, fresh appearance, good edges. (2 available) $1.75 each. b

Bahamas_ParadiseBeachHog-200_small.jpg"Paradise Beach, Hog Island, Bahamas  B6" crowded with sun-worshippers & beach umbrellas, unused linen postcard with good edges. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 bu

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Bahamas_QueensStaricaseNassau-200_small.jpg"Queen's Staircase, / Nassau, Bahamas" unused linen postcard, circa 1940, good edges. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 b

Fish_QueenTrigger-200_small.jpg Bahamas postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"QUEEN TRIGGER FISH / Balistes vetula" signed Hashime Murayama art on unused 1920 post card from the Miami Aquarium Association showing the fish found in Florida, Bermuda & Bahamas; light toning near the top back edge. Seldom seen; seldom offered. $7.50 ff(m)bb

See also Bahamas postal history & Bahamian stamps.

MIXone_132_small.jpg tanker photograph available from LotsOfPhotos.com
"SHINOBU SHIPPING CO., LTD. // M/T CHANNEL DRAGON // NASSAU BAHAMA(sic)" quality color photo of the crude oil tanker at sea, size approximately 3.5"x5" on Kodak professional paper. Seldom offered. $5.00 s(o)b

Bahamas_SilkCottonTree-100.jpg (359102 bytes)"Silk Cotton Tree, Nassau, Bahamas" unused post card, slight browning of the paper with age, corner crease misses the image. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 bt

"Sponge Market, Nassau, Bahamas" postcard published by W. R. Saunders & I. O. Sands photographers (their number 39), light spotty toning on back, good edges. $6.00 b

ShipOwner_EasternShippng_QueenOfNassau.jpg (273437 bytes)"S. S. QUEEN OF NASSAU / TWIN SCREW  Sails every Monday and Friday at 6 P.M. / from Miami, Fla. to Nassau..." side view of the ship with the company logo of Eastern shipping Corporation in the upper left, unused linen postcard with vivid colors from Colourpicture Publication, numbered K8224 on back, trivial wear at one upper corner, otherwise quite fresh. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 s(e)fb

"Street in Grantstown, Nassau, Bahamas" post card published by W. R. Saunders & I. O. Sands photographers (their number 35), light spotty toning on back, strong corner crease through stamp box. Hard to find in any condition. Definitely not on most tourist itineraries, Grantstown is often seen with the more modern spelling of Grants Town. $6.00 b

"THE / BAHAMA / ISLANDS" with a detailed map on linen post card mailed from Nassau 1947 (2-pence King stamp with marginal selvedge) to Long Island City, multiple vertical creases simply suggest careful ironing, two tiny scrapes in the front are centered so noticeable, slight smearing of some message ink. Calling out of the many channels and passages are what make for the unusual detail. $2.00 bm

Bahamas_TheRoyalVictoria-200_small.jpg Bahamas post card scan available from Judnick.com"The Royal Victoria Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas  B5" linen postcard showing an approach to its front entrance. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 b

Bahamas_TheSpongeFleet-100.jpg (286017 bytes)"The Sponge Fleet, Nassau, Bahamas  8A-H1690" showing several docked ships circa 1938, unused Curteich linen with yellowish paper, distributed by the New Colonial Pharmacy, As shown except more browning paper shows age instead of yellowish paper, two unused US 1-c stamps on back, distributed by P. M. Lightbourn, two small paper adherences on back. $2.00 bf. Same post card but fresher: no stamps or adherences on back, no crease, etc. $3.00 bf

"Trimming Sponges, Nassau, Bahamas" postcard published by W. R. Saunders & I. O. Sands photographers (their number 52), a few very light spots of toning on back, strong corner crease through stamp box. $6.00 bp

"VP7BT" Eleuthera shortwave (7 Mc) QSL card used 1959 by operator John R. Beck, very light toning near one front corner. $1.75 b. Similar but 1958 usage on 3.5 Mc, back toning from production process, less front toning. $2.00 b

"VP7NG (NOW W4NNN)" Nassau shortwave (7 Mc) QSL card used 1948 by operator from the Potomac Valley Radio Club, tape residue on back. $2.00 b. Same except a tiny corner bend at the top. $1.75 b

"VP7NN" Grand Bahama Island shortwave (7 Mc) QSL card used 1950 by an operator in the Signal Corp Engineering Laboratory Test Team, mild wear to one short edge. $2.00 b

Tinted089_small.jpg Bahamian post card available from Judnick.com"VIEW FROM THE WATER TOWER - SHOWING ENTRANCE TO 'NASSAU HARBOUR' - NASSAU, BAHAMAS" postcard published by Sands' Studio (their No 37 15/5000), a little pencil writing on the back might erase, soft corners, hand-colored appearance. $2.50 b

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More generally, when the place is not specified, please see Arab postcards.

"Quadhabiya Palace - Bahrain" continental postcard with rough edges as issued, mailed JUL 11 1972 from the Gearing-class destroyer USS William R. Rush (DD-714) with an 8-c US stamp to Mr. & Mrs. Emit Farmer in Hubbard Ohio from their son Vic who writes "well we are leaving Bahrain tomorrow for Khor Kuwai, Oman wherever that is. We have been to so many places that they all start to look the same..." During this time the ship was showing the flag to counter the Soviet Union's increased naval presence in the area. As for the location of Khor Kuwai, it is the northern tip of the Sultanate of Oman. $5.00 b-bn(w)

See also our Bahrain stamps & Bahrain postal history.

  MIXone_310_side_1_small.jpg Bahrain ad available from Judnick.com  MIXone_310_side_2_small.jpg Bahrain advertising available from Judnick.com 
  MIXone_311_side_1_small.jpg Bahrain ad available from LotsOfCards.com  MIXone_311_side_2_small.jpg Bahrain advertising available from LotsOfCards.com
"UCO MARINE CONT. wll / BAHRAIN TEL. 730816" 2 pieces of 2-sided regular-postcard size advertising matter showing: their location on the island, a barge (UCO F), a tug (UCO-XIV), and a cargo vessel (UCO XVII). Once joined together but now separated neatly for display. $7.00 for all. b

Wanted to buy--postcards showing US bases there, especially at the end of World War II. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio! *c

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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"1609 / HUDSON-FULTON MEMORIAL CELEBRATION / 1909 // The 'Half Moon' and the 'Clermont' on their trip / up the Hudson river escorted by U. S. Men of War / and Balloons" the Wright flyer being unmentioned; exposition souvenir with an artist's concept of the event,  the size of a regular postcard but with blank back, good edges. The Wright plane when it actually flew that course carried a canoe in case they ditched into the water, so the artist did not get the idea quite right. The caption writer did not know what to call the aircraft & so left it unmentioned. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75.

Zeppelin_img031_small.jpg balloon post card available from Judnick.com"1912  AN OBSERVATION BALLOON OF U. S. Aerial Service, anchored to a vessel. / From this balloon the actions of the enemy under-sea boats are detected" showing a tethered balloon working from a ship, unused postcard with good edges. This is the SC-1 (Signal Corps #1) of the US Army, while being tested at Fort Myer Virginia (hence, its access to the coastal waters), and operating from the first permanent military airfield in the United States. Excessively rare, there is no record of its likes being offered anywhere else on the Internet. It is astonishing that testing of a then-new military capability from a then-new military installation would receive any publicity at all in print; we speculate that the military censors put the kibosh on this ill-considered idea rather quickly! $27.00 bvm(a)a(m)

"2006.  Nasser's Air Ship, Toledo, O." post card mailed there SEP 23 1910 to Mrs. Carl Joseph in Fremont Ohio, cancel ink in the front sky, minor wear to the bottom corners, back paper starting to show its age. Nasser is sometimes seen spelled Nassr on postcards. Seldom offered; we have only seen one other in the past 20 years.  $11.00 bo(t)

"521 / Toledo Passenger Air-Ship, / First Successful Flight, / May 22, 1908. / Roy Knabenshue at the Helm, with / Aeronauts Chas. K. Hamilton and / Earl Hess, all of / Toledo, Ohio." postcard mailed there MAY 17 1909 to Master Floyd Wright in Helmer Indiana, published by Aldrich the Postcard Man in Toledo, trivial corner wear, very light toning on back. A recent search of the Internet found only 1 exhibit & no other offers than ours. $15.00 bo(t)g

"5846  Hawley and Post and their Balloon 'St. Louis'" postcard mailed circa-1908 to Mrs. Peter Richards in Clinton Fall Minnesota, noticeable corner rounding, light spotty toning both sides. Rare. $15.00 bm(s) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"938 - PARIS / Panorama de la Place / de l'Etoile / preis en ballon / Altitude 700 m. / J. H. déposé" unused black & white carte postale, a little toning near the edges due to album contact. $3.50 bf(p)

"Aerial Navigation at the Inter-State Fair" with a man taking a wide swing on a trapeze suspended from the circular balloon while many watch; post card with undivided back, mailed SEP 30 1909 at Reading Pennsylvania to Miss Mary Crock in Americus Kansas, bottom corner creased twice in the caption area, album marks & light album toning on both sides. Messaged in part: 'Was in Trenton yesterday, arrived just now in Reading, will attend fair today.' The fair was held in Trenton Township New Jersey. Rare. $15.00 bn(t)

"Agricultural Building, State Fair, Huron, S. D.  Pub. for the New York 5 and 10¢ Store." with an airship overhead; postcard mailed OCT 28 1911 from Lake Preston South Dakota to Ralph S. Wang in North Georgetown Ohio (Columbiana County added in the post), message dated a few days earlier, bottom corners creased (1 is long), soft corners. Rare: we found no others offered or exhibited when we searched the Internet. $14.00 bs(h)a

"A happy / New Year" art showing children suspended beneath a balloon with anchor, intricately embossed postcard printed in German, Serie 175, mailed1908 from Moline Illinois to Mr. Otto Warner in Andover Illinois. Shown left. $4.50 nb. "A Happy New Year" another from Serie 175,  this one equipped with a shamrock propeller, mailed 1908 from New York to Mr. Joseph Ober in East Rutherford New Jersey, minor wear at the upper corners. Shown right.$4.25 nb. Both for $7.75 nb.

"Air-ship going against the wind over Omaha, Neb." unused post card with evenly-divided back, made in Germany for The Omaha News Company, album impressions at the corners, curl to the paper but no problem in any album, good edges. The only similar card we have seen had its caption left-justified; this is the only right-justified caption we have seen. $15.00 bn(o) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"Airship OVER RACE TRACK, IOWA STATE FAIR // COPYRIGHT T. T. SHANNON DES MOINES" postcard mailed SEP 1908 at Nichols Iowa to Miss Mayme Schneider in Muscoda Wisconsin, minor corner wear, spotty light toning both sides. The only other example we found was unused in a historical preservation exhibit in which its age was mis-estimated. $12.00 bi(d)r

Zeppelin_1899Exposition-300_small.JPG airship postal card available from Judnick.com"ALLGEMEINE DEUTSCHE SPORT-AUSSTELLUNG MÜNCHEN 1899" with art (signed WO) showing an airship over the city, Bavarian 5-pfg government postal card in color, clear postal markings on back (both sending & receiving within the city), minor wear at the corners, overall impression--remarkably fresh for its age both sides. Priced well below recent auction realizations. $82.50 zbbea

"Around the Gilded Dome / Copyright by T. F. Shannon Des Moines Ia // Airship Encircling Monument / Copyright by T. F. Shannon Des Moines Ia" showing the Iowa State Capitol & the Iowa Civil War Monument; unused multiview postcard with undivided back, faint short internal crease from the top edge, very light toning both sides. Rare. $12.50 bic NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"At LIVERPOOL / Captive-ated with the scenery" art signed JIB shows a couple floating in an improbably shaped balloon, pull-tab yields many small black & white views, accordion style: exchange & Nelson's Monument; Church Street; Sefton Park (2); Commutation Row; from Landing Stage; Landing Stage; overhead electrical railway; Ranelagh Street; Lime Street; and St. George's Hall -- all from the Dainty Series (last 3 shown). A Pocket Novelty Card of British manufacture throughout. Message written all over the divided back from a son to his mother. Rare: only one recorded sale of a similar fold-out but for Nottingham was found when we searched the Internet. $20.00 e(l)b

"Baloon(sic) House, Ft. Omaha, Nebr." with a military & civilian crowd, unused circa-1908 postcard with unevenly divided back, made in Germany, published by the Megeath Stationery Company in Omaha, tiny upper corner crease, back paper browning evenly with age. Seldom seen or offered, quite possibly because of the misspelling in the caption. $12.50 bn(f)

Zeppelin_img030_small.jpg balloon postcard available from Judnick.com"Balloon / Wedding / Krug Park, Omaha's Polite / Resort" circa 1906 post card, spots of light toning & a tiny pit in the front sky, approximate 1" tear at bottom closes well with faint internal creases radiating from it. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 bnu*

"Best Wishes / for / Christmas" series of embossed art postcards printed in Germany, scenic balloon art, including holly sprigs & a US flag . Top row: Windmill scene, unused & very fresh. $5.00 bc. Second row left: Large house in winter scene, mailed 1911 to Williamstown New York, minor corner & edge wear, a few tiny spots of toning at the back edges. $4.00 bc. Second row right: Church & nearby houses scene, very lightly written message in English over all the back, good edges. $4.50 bc. Take all 3 and save: $12.25. bc

"BIG BEAR / balloon festival / Beulah Park / JUNE 22, 23, 24 2001" publicity card with same color image both sides, little smaller than a regular post card, fresh appearance. (2 available) $1.00 each

"C. Dixon The Youngest Aviator / With His Mother and Sister / Copyright by Aram, Boston." unused postcard, very little toning both sides, good edges.  SOLD RECENTLY bfm

"COPYRIGHTED BY M. RIEDER 1905 // When I invent this air-ship true / I'm coming over after you / And we'll fly round the world together / That is providing it's pleasant weather." with signed WEB fantasy art depicting a couple riding in a bicycle-built-for-two gondola of an improbable balloon; unused undivided back postcard on brownish paper, slight rounding at the corners. Rare. SALE IN PROGRESS bpmfa

"CROMWELL DIXON AND HIS SKI-CYCLE / YOUNGEST INVENTOR AND AERONAUT IN THE WORLD--AGE 14 YEARS." postcard with undivided back mailed at Columbus JUL 31 1907 to Miss Verna Miller in Athens Ohio (where it was received the same day), light album marks at the back corners, paper browning with age both sides. Message on front from Earle to his mother & sister reads in part: '...This is a picture of the young aeronaut at Olentangy...' meaning Olentangy Park in Columbus Ohio. Attribution to the photographer within the front image: 'Photo By / Moon'. Rare: a recent search of the Internet found no other offers & not even an exhibit. $100.00 bo(c)g(m)

"CROMWELL DIXON / Youngest Inventor and Aeronaut in the World--Age 14 years" unused unevenly divided back, imprint at left back edge reads: 'Olentangy Park,' / Columbus, Ohio. Front is very lightly & unevenly toned with one brighter white spot in the left margin which obscures nothing. Back is lightly & unevenly toned with a few light spots apparently paste residue; they obscure a couple of letters in the stamp box. A recent Internet search found no other offers & only one exhibit by a collector. $50.00 bo(c) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"C. T. S. Souvenir Card / Air Ship about to / ascend" at the 1908 West Virginia Fair; real photo postcard mailed there NOV 27 1908 to Miss Mary Davison in Chambersburg Pennsylvania, minor corner rounding, white spots on back suggest some of message whited out. . Messaged: "This ship is Knabenshue's, you have hear of him. the ascent was very pretty.' C.T.S. refers to the type of card from the publisher. $15.00 bw(w)

"Dear / I was rather / worried" with signed René Bull art depicting an improbable aeronaut, unused circa-1908 postcard with unevenly divided back from The Ellandbee 'Humorous' Series (no. 128, designed in England & chromographed in Belgium for Landeker & Brown in London, small bottom corner bend, toning is very light. The work of this Irish- born then-English illustrator is more often seen in newspapers & magazines of his time. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. a(b)b

"DETROIT" 2 men suspended from a  photographer's prop balloon; unused Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard, uneven cut to the bottom & left front edges. $3.00 bm(d)

"EVERYONE LOOKS UP TO YOU" with signed P. D. Sullivan art on a postcard with undivided back, mailed MAR 17 1907 from Canode New Mexico to Fred G. Avery in Ada Ohio. P The cancel from a discontinued post office, a little light, is rarity 5 according to our La Posta. $20.00 ab-n

"FIRST SUCCESSFUL FLIGHT OF AIR SHIP, KNABENSHUE, KING OF THE AIR, IN FLIGHT / FROM FAIR GROUNDS TO THE TOP OF THE SPITZER BLDG. JUNE 28, 1905, TOLEDO, O." postcard with unevenly divided back, made in Germany for J. G. Boutelle, mailed JUN 12 1908 from Toledo Ohio to Miss Iva Baxter in Lima Ohio, minor corner wear, album toning to the back paper, small shallow thin on back obscures nothing. No mean feat, airship landings on buildings are known to have happened only 6 times. Rare. $15.00 bo(t)

"FLYING HIGH / IN KANSAS CITY" with 3 well-dressed ladies in a prop gondola, balloon & zeppelin in the background; unused sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo post card, minor corner rounding, very light toning both sides. Obviously a studio situation, the photographer's identity is not revealed. $3.75 b

"Forest Park, St. Louis, Mo. / BALLOON AND AIRSHIP CONTESTS / CENTENNIAL WEEK / Saint Louis" post card mailed August 17 1910 from Saint Louis, faint lower corner crease, a little toning near the edges of both sides. Rare. $15.00 a(p)bm(s) NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

"Greetings / from / Irving / Illinois" in glitter added to a postcard with fanciful art depicting an airship made mostly of violets, addressed & messaged to Miss Estella Matkins in Fillmore Illinois but unmailed, minor wear to the bottom corners, some of the glitter rubbed off. Interesting message from ailing writer--'I went to Nokomis two weeks to Mrs. Rungg's to take treatment from the Osteopath and now go to Hillsboro when I am able...' The Hillsboro DO was John J. Pleak, who visited Nokomis once a week. Hillsboro, Irving & Nokomis are all in Montgomery County. $8.00 i(i)mgb NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

"Hudson-Fulton / 1809 - 1909 / Celebration" with embossed art depicting a Puritan gazing at an overhead balloon; postcard mailed AUG 18 1909 at Brooklyn New York Station B to Miss Margaret Quackenboss in Canaan Four Corners New York, long upper corner crease, light toning near the upper right front corner. Seldom offered or exhibited. $4.75 eb

"I DROPPED OFF AT OTTAWA / Copyright. The Allets Mfg. Co., Ottawa". Left: silhouette art depicts a salesman with sample case descending from a balloon, breaking his fall with an umbrella; postcard addressed & messaged in French, dated 9 Janvier 1906, small lighter shallow scrapes in the front sky, paper browning with age. $5.00 bou. Right: same caption, lady descends with umbrella breaking her fall; post card with undivided back, light toning both sides, better ageing of the paper. $9.00 bou. Both hard-to-find for $12.75. bou

"I love a Balloon, but O / you Aeroplane" postcard mailed OCT 2 1912 at Bridgeville Pennsylvania to Mr. R. F. Means in Northfield Ohio, minor corner wear, very light toning both sides. $3.75 b

"KNABENSHUE AND HIS AIR SHIP / THE FRANKLIN, TOLEDO" unused post card with undivided back, minor wear to 3 corners, otherwise fairly fresh. We have seen another example canceled in 1905. $12.00 bo(t) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"KNABENSHUE AND HIS / AIR SHIP / THE FRANKLIN, TOLEDO" as close-up as you are likely to see it; postcard with undivided back mailed NOV 14 1905 at Toledo to Miss Mabel Rider in cedar Rapids Iowa, corner wear & rounding noticeable from the front, somewhat soiled appearance from the back. Looks like the Wikipedia image to us! Seldom offered. $10.00 bo(t)

"Knabenshue leaving Spitzer Building on his return trip June 30, 1905" showing the airship 'Toledo No. 1'; unused postcard with undivided back, fairly fresh with good edges. This Toledo Ohio scene was from one of 6 known instances of an airship landing on any building. $15.00 bo(t) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"Knabenshue's Airship at Brockton Fair, 1906.  Photo by D. T. Burrell." post card with good edges & very light toning on back. Many postcards were issued for this appearance, but this one is hard to find. SALE IN PROGRESS bm(b)p

"KNABENSHUE'S AIRSHIP Descending at Ohio State Fair Grounds" postcard designed, printed & sold by Clyde W. Hurst & Co. in Columbus Ohio, mailed SEP 30 1908 at Steubenville Ohio to Master Robert Fisher in the same town, small dark spot in message area, other back & front toning is quite light. Rare. $15.00 bo(c)

"KNABENSHUE'S PASSENGER AIR SHIP" showing the 'White City', the first passenger dirigible in America; unused  postcard with evenly divided back. We have seen the age of this post card incorrectly estimated as 1913, but we have seen another example postmarked 1908; so we disagree. $11.00 b NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"K. V. i. B. 12. / Serie 1705" with fantasy art depicting multiple babies within & suspended from 3 balloons; unused circa 1908 postcard, slight curling inward of the paper from its edges (no problem), lightly toned divided back. Shown left. $10.00 bf. Same series, slight curling inward of the paper from its edges (no problem), post card mailed 4 Aout 08 from Roan-Coo Belgium (stamp removed), long upper corner crease, small lower corner crease. Shown right. $8.50 bf. Both for $17.25 bf.

"Looking Over / Hot Springs" with couple posed within a photographer's prop balloon drawing, postcard mailed at Hot Springs with 1910 flag cancel, unfortunately the state abbreviation cannot be read--so it could be Hot Springs Arkansas, California, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, or even Washington! Minor corner wear & softening, stain mostly withing the right front edge. $5.00 b

"McPHEETERS / PHOTO" a couple within their prop balloon, the man pointing out a local cigar store per the writing at the bottom; unused Artura real photo postcard with lightly toned back. $4.00 bpg

 "Olcott Beach" as a couple poses in a photographer's prop to commemorate their visit to the New York amusement park; unused Azo (triangles up) sepia-tone real photo post card with good edges & not much oxidation for its circa-1910 age. From the days of the Luna Amusement Park there. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. n(o)ab

Balloon_img032-200_small.jpg balloon post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"Philadelphia, Pa. and Schuylkill River taken from Ballon 1 Mile high. / © W. N. JENNINGS" circa 1910-1912 postcard, a little pencil writing on back may not erase well, mild wear to the upped edge. $10.00 bp(p)p(s)

"Photo Art Prints for Framing or Mailing / Adirondack Balloon Festival / Glens Falls, NY" color continental postcard in excellent condition, copyrighted Dean Color. $1.50 bn

"Photo Art Prints for Framing of Mailing / ADIRONDACK HOT AIR / BALLOON FESTIVAL / GLENS FALLS, N.Y." color continental postcard in excellent condition, copyrighted Dean Color. $1.50 bn

"Picking Oranges in California. / AS SEEN ON THE BALLOON ROUTE / EXCURSION" post card with unevenly divided back mailed 1907 from Playa Del Ray California to Mrs. Frank Sackey in Richmond Indiana, 2 corners creased, mild corner & edge wear. $3.25 abc(u)

"'Ready for the Race' Indianapolis, Indiana." showing 8 of the 9 gas-filled balloons entered in their in the first event-competition ever to be held at the Indianapolis Speedway on June 5 1909; unused post card published by the Indiana News Company, made in Germany, good edges, very light toning near the right back edge. Also notable because the event caused the first traffic jam at the facility. The winner went some 382 miles to Alabama. Rare: we did not find it offered elsewhere or even exhibited when we searched the Internet. $50.00 bri(i) NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

"ROYAL ENGINEERS, BALLOON SECTION, / PREPARING FOR AN ASCENT WITH / BALLOON 10,000 FEET CAPACITY / Copyright" their crest below the caption; unused postcard from the Star Series of G. D. & D. London, minor wear & corner rounding, spotty toning on back mostly near the top edge. $5.00 bm(g)h NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

"ROY KNABENSHUE FLYING 6/9 08 / PUB. BY S. H. KNOX & Co." real photo postcard mailed SEP 18 1908 at Station A of Toledo, writer commenting 'this air-ship is right near our house, and we see it almost every day.' Small bottom corner creases, minor corner wear at the top, slight oxidation consistent with age, light toning near the back edges, attribution on front runs off the bottom edge. Rare. $17.50 bo(t)

"ROY KNABENSHUE READY TO START / COLLINGWOOD AVE. TOLEDO, O. / PUB. BY S. H. KNOX & Co." real photo postcard mailed OCT 10 1908 from Station A in Toledo, heavy toning on back obscures nothing. Sender asked: 'Do you think you will ever sail in this?' Good edges, slight oxidation consistent with age. When searching the Internet recently we found one gallery exhibit, but no other offers. $15.00 bo(t)

"ROY KNABENSHUE'S AIR-SHIP / Will make daily flights during / THE GREAT DARKE COUNTY FAIR / AUGUST 26 - 27 -28 - 29 & 30 1907 // Don't forget the date; And meet me there sure!" post card published by the Wm. H. Williams Company in Greenville, mailed at Greenville AUG 24 1907 to Mr. C. E. Eidson in Bay View Michigan, mentions 'the big pumpkin show next week'. The appearance at the Great Darke County Fair was described in the July 25 1907 Greenville Journal. Rare. SALE IN PROGRESS bo(g)o(t)

"Scene during Balloon Races at the Speedway, Indianapolis, Ind." showing 5 gas-filled airships; postcard mailed at Stockwell Indiana MAY 6 1912 to Mrs. Ellen Peters in Muscoda Wisconsin by her niece Grace, mild corner & edge wear. Such events were popular from the opening there in 1909. $12.00 bi(i)r

  Cover_Judaica_ 9-11-82Misty_Balloon.jpg (155455 bytes)  See also our Balloon topical covers.

See also our extensive Zeppelin postcards.

Serie 478 postcards made in Germany showing lovers fancifully suspended beneath a balloon. Upper left: no caption, unused, minor corner rounding, very light toning at the stamp box. $8.00 bl. Upper right: no caption, unused, minor corner rounding, very lightly toned back. $8.00 bl. Lower left: "Such a happy pair are we, / Off together on a spree." long lower corner crease, mailed MAY 13 1910 at Archer Iowa (clear 5PM cancel) to Miss Martha Shinkle in Gaza Iowa (light receiving mark the same day!), light toning near 2 back edges. $7.50 bl. Lower right: "Wave a happy holiday, / To those who pass by our way." mailed NOV 24 1909 to Miss Rose Marx in Chicago Illinois, mild corner & edge wear, unevenly toned back. $7.00 bl. Take all 4 for $26.75 bl.

Serie 8600: six fanciful & imaginative postcards shown above, all embossed & printed in Germany. Left-to-right & top-to-bottom: "How do, old boy! / Didn't expect me yet awhile, did you?" unused, tiny upper corner crease, toned back. "An afternoon's sail.", mailed 11 MAY 1909 to Miss Ruth Springer in Cornell Illinois, album toning along bottom back edge. "The very latest in motor-cars.", mailed at Boyertown Pennsylvania to Mahon Hoffman in Niantic Pennsylvania, by C. G. Markley jeweler in Boyertown (handstamp in message area, good edges. "Every man his own navigator!", good edges, toning in address area. "A short spin before breakfast!" good edges, small violet UNICO handstamp above message area. "Plus de rochers sournois vous guettant au passage / On peut voguer bien loin sans crainte du naufrage." in French meaning ""More insidious rocks await you in passing / can sail far without fear of shipwreck.", mailed 1AVRIL 1911 at Temploux Belgium to another in that country, good edges. Your choice $20.00 each for 1 or 2. $18.00 each for 3 or more. b ALL NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

Series No. 8000, printed in Germany, divided back embossed post cards: Left: "Many a wish for / your future good, Many a Greeting bright... / Easter Greeting" with several chicks ascending into a balloon gondola, mailed 1911, tiny upper corner bend, minor bottom corner wear. $4.50 be. Center: "May happiness / attend thy way, /This Easter-tiem, and with you stay. / Best Easter wishes, mailed MAR 29 1911 at Gloversville New York to Miss Helen Winnie in Vails Mills New York, good edges. $5.00 be. Right: "May happiness / attend thy way, / This Easter-time, / and with you stay. / A Happy Easter" with several chicks descending from a balloon gondola, messaged 1911, a little toning shows in the upper right front border. $4.50 be. Take all three for $11.75. be

"Stargazer / Project Stargazer was established in Ja. 1959 for high altitude / astronomical investigation from above 95 percent of the earth's at- / mosphere." showing the balloon's gondola now on display at the Air Force Museum, unused chrome-era post card in excellent condition. $1.00 bma

"The Air Ship Passing Over Administration Building, State Fair Grounds" unused souvenir postcard for visitors of The Columbus Dispatch Building in 1906, undivided back, small bottom corner crease, very faint album toning at its corners. $8.00 bo(c) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"THE FAMOUS STROBEL AIRSHIP which won First Prize at the International Race at St. Louis on / Oct. 24,11907(sic), will be one of the Special Attractions at the Great Cambridge Fair, Aug. 31, Sept. 1, 2 , 3, 4, 1908 // Flights will be made on Tuesday, Wednesday, / Thursday and Friday." postcard mailed 1908 in New York State to Miss Dorothy Webster in Schuylerville New York. Back printing reads: 'Meet me near the Air Ship at the Cambridge Fair. It will be there this time.' This message implies that the first time (in 1907 at Cambridge in Lamoille County Vermont) it was not there! A big deal for such a small village & such a small county! $15.00 bv(c)

"THE FLYING MACHINE. -- EARL'S COURT 1904 / Copyright, J. J. Keliher & CO., Limited, London, S. E." post card mailed 1904 at Earl's Court to Miss Evie Gould in Clapham S. W., messaged in part 'We have just been in the Flying Machine (Bird & I) How would you like to? It was jolly fine. Dad & Ma wouldn't come.' Minor corner roudning, light toning both sides. $10.00 be(e)a NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"The Kids from Greensburg Kansas" with fantasy art showing multiple babies suspended from a balloon, unevenly divided back postcard mailed circa-1907 from Greensburg (stamp removed) to Mrs. Earl Roberts in Lewis Kansas, back writing in pencil causes some toning, upper corner crease. Printed in Germany by K. V. i. B. 12, Serie 1525 for the United Art Publishing Company of New York City. SALE IN PROGRESS k(g)bf

Gymnastics_Buckeye1992_Balloons-100.jpg (199395 bytes)The unforgettable almost-magical balloon drop over the thousands of gymnasts (comprising the then-largest gymnastics meet in history) as they reach upwards at the 1992 Buckeye Classic in Columbus Ohio. Photography by Bill Judnick. 5"x7" black-and-white custom prints $9.00 each. g(b)-b

"This photograph was taken just as the Air Ship was ready for a start at the Cambridge Fair of 1908.  Five minutes later it was / in the air under absolute control of the navigator and was a most interesting and beautiful sight. After visiting the village and / circling the Fair Ground for forty-five minutes it returned to the enclosure, landing safely and easily within 50 feet of its tent." in Lamoille County Vermont. Back printing continues: 'Yes, it is true, the Airship will be at the Great Cambridge Fair and will make flights every day, Aug. 30, 31, Sept. 1, 2, 3, 1909". Upper corner crease, album toning on back. Rare. $17.50 bv(c)

"'Tre ballonger' av Richard Akerman." art by the Welsh artist on an circa 1983 unused continental postcard printed in Sweden. $1.25 ba


"Unsere Zukunst liegt in der bust / Graf Zeppelin / 3909" meaning 'our future is in the chest' in German, unused metamorphic Postkarte with the head & cap of the count incorporating two zeppelins & several balloons, slight oxidation, small upper corner crease, lightly toned back. $20.00 mbb

"U. S. Dirigible Balloon, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas." circa-1908 postcard with unevenly divided back, minor corner & edge wear, very light toning on back. Seldom offered. $10.00 bk(f)a(m) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

"USES OF THE AIR SHIP". Signed Bowman art on a 12-postcard series. 8 are mailed with 1909 - 1913 postmarks in Midwestern US states. Minor faults except: a lot of toning on back (left, row 3); 1/2" tear from top center edge (center, row 3). Obviously done in printings at different times, because of slight variations in the dimensions & border treatments. There is scant information on this gifted artist. All these postcards are very hard to find, so apparently none were printed in quantity. Finding all 12 at once at our price of $70.00 is a real treat. a(b)bbf

"Valentine / Greetings" showing Cupid suspended from 2 heart-shaped balloons, unused intricately embossed post card printed in Saxony, unevenly divided back, fairly fresh with good edges. Shown left. $5.00 vb. "Valentine Greetings" from the same series, similar description, but addressed & messaged to a Mr. Adam Schumaker in Dayton Ohio. Shown right. $4.50 vb. Take them both for $8.75 vb.

"WILL TAKE A FLYING TRIP TO [ ... ]" signed Grace Harlow art depicting a gentleman suspended beneath a balloon, postcard mailed AUG 16 1911 at Mishawaka to Mr. Gale Kirby in South Bend Indiana, corners worn & rounded, paper browning with age. Writer mentions a soft ball game upcoming with nearby Woodland, a weekly band concert at Wyatt & the country commencement at Spring Creek. $7.50 a(h)b NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

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